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Transparent Aligner

Transparent aligners are orthodontic procedures without wires. It is an innovative and aesthetic treatment designed for people who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth but do not want to have braces treatment.

Transparent aligners, which have many advantages over traditional braces treatments, have become increasingly popular in recent years.
Who Are Suitable for Transparent Aligners?

Transparent aligners are suitable for many patients of all ages. However, traditional orthodontics is ideal for patients with primary jaw and bone structure problems. In addition, patients with very small jaw and tooth structures are also part of the group that is unsuitable for transparent plates. For this reason, you need to be examined by a specialized orthodontist to find out if you are suitable for the treatment.
How Is the Transparent Aligner Treatment Performed?

After your dentist has decided that you are suitable for treatment with transparent aligners, s/he will first measure your lower and upper jaw. X-rays will be taken to examine your mouth and jaw structure in detail. After these steps, the transparent aligners will be made according to the measurements taken. Your dentist will fit your first plates. After that, you can change your aligner yourself.

Transparent aligners move the teeth just like other orthodontic treatments. For this reason, it is normal for patients to experience some discomfort and slight pain in their teeth during the first application.

To achieve effective results from aligner treatment, aligners should be worn an average of 22 hours daily. It is okay to take the aligner out for a few hours to eat, drink, or on special occasions. However, the chance of achieving a positive result is very low if the treatment is not worn regularly and for a long enough time. If you cannot wear the aligners for 18-22 hours every day, transparent aligner treatment is not suitable for you.

Transparent aligners can be applied from children to adults. Although the duration of treatment varies from person to person, it is 1 to 1.5 years. In very mild cases, this period may be reduced to less than one year, and in more severe cases, it may extend up to 2 years. During the treatment, you should visit your dentist once a month to check the treatment progress. This period may extend to two months towards the end of treatment. If you are out of town for a more extended period, you can healthily continue the treatment by changing the aligners regularly.
What Are the Advantages of Transparent Aligners?

Transparent aligners, also called wireless orthodontics, have the following advantages:
It is a highly esthetic orthodontic method, as they are not visible from a distance.
-Since they are removable, you can take the plates out when you need them during the day,
-Transparent aligners are much more comfortable and painless than traditional orthodontic treatments,
-The adjustment period for transparent aligners is much shorter than for other orthodontic treatments,
-Since transparent plates are removable and detachable, it is much easier to maintain oral and dental hygiene during treatment compared to other treatments,
-Transparent aligners do not cause soreness in the mouth because they have a flat and smooth surface,
-Transparent aligners can be removed while eating and drinking,
-Unlike other orthodontic treatments, there is no need to change the eating and drinking order when using transparent aligners,
-Since the transparent aligners are changed weekly, there are no problems such as yellowing or impurities in their color,
-Transparent aligners do not affect your speech,
-Transparent aligners can produce faster results than other orthodontic treatments for some patients.