OPC Klinik

Oral and Dental Health

About OPC

OPC Clinic, with its expert staff in all areas of dentistry, is committed to following and applying current treatment approaches and technologies.

Our clinic prioritizes high-level patient experience where you can make appointments in all areas such as dental implant surgery and bone augmentation procedures, aesthetic dentistry applications, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, jaw joint treatments, and gingival diseases.

We focus on our patients, not just the diseases we treat.

Strict hygienic measures are taken in our clinic, the number of patients that can be admitted at one time is determined in advance, and appointments are arranged with our patients.

When scheduling appointments, we ensure enough time for you to have a painless, stress-free, and comfortable dental visit.

As OPC clinic, we are pleased to serve you in light of scientific developments and new technologies with all our staff.