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Grinding and Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are the general name for the disorders of the joint (temporomandibular joint) located on both sides of our face, just in front of the ears, that allow the opening and closing of our jaw and of the masticatory muscles that move this joint. These conditions, which affect either just the muscles of mastication or the temporomandibular joint, but often both, are often confused with earaches, migraines, and toothaches. Diagnosis and treatment are a group of conditions that require expertise. Although TMJ disorders are often associated with teeth grinding (bruxism), the habit of grinding teeth is not always the cause of joint problems, and even people who do not grind their teeth can have joint disorders.
“Treatment of these diseases can be done only after a correct diagnosis. After the diagnosis is made through a thorough examination, night shifts, therapeutic shifts, physiotherapy, and exercises, Botox injections into the jaw muscles or arthrocentesis (irrigation of the temporomandibular joint) can be performed. “