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Lamina Veneer Porcelain

Lamina veneer is a dental treatment known as leaf porcelain and porcelain veneer. Lamina dental veneer is used to eliminate many ailments such as stains on the tooth surface, differences in tone, darkening and color changes due to fillings, tooth fractures, and cracks.

Lamina veneer porcelain is an advantageous procedure compared to other types of porcelain restorations. Some of these advantages include:

With Lamina veneer, it is possible to cover the tooth surface without touching it.
-Even if the tooth surface needs to be cut, this procedure is much less frequent than with other porcelain veneers,
-The porcelain veneer used for the procedure is made in a fragile layer and creates a natural look of the teeth as it perfectly reflects the light,
-Yellowing caused by frequent consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea, or other caffeinated foods is minimal with lamina veneer,
-The formation of tartar after treatment is deficient,
– It is resistant to abrasion, It is a treatment that provides lasting results for many years.
For whom is Lamina Veneer ideal?

Lamina veneer can be an ideal procedure for anyone bothered by the shape, color of their teeth, spaces between teeth, cracks, fractures, or notches. Even people with crooked teeth can benefit from Lamina Veneer in cases that do not require orthodontic treatment.

To undergo treatment with lamina veneer, the patient’s overall dental health must be in good shape. Therefore, if the patients who opt for this procedure have dental and gum problems, they must be treated first. Lamina Veneer is unsuitable for patients with a disturbed jaw structure (e.g., a posterior chin).
How Long Does the Treatment with Porcelain Lamina Veneer Take?

Lamina veneer treatment takes 3 or 4 sessions on average. In the first session, the patient undergoes a general dental examination. The first session is critical to assess the patient’s condition and wishes. In the second session, the teeth to be covered with laminate are trimmed and measured. This session can take up to 1 or 2 hours, depending on the number of teeth to be processed. During the etching process, a local anesthetic is applied so that the patient does not suffer from pain. After the patient’s measurements are taken, the lamina sheets are prepared. The lamina sheet is a very delicate material and is carefully prepared in a laboratory environment. The sheets prepared in the last session are bonded to the teeth.
Is Lamina Porcelain Durable?

Porcelain veneer crowns made and bonded using the latest technology are durable and long-lasting. After application, they do not need to be changed or renewed. After the procedure, it is not necessary to avoid foods containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, or tobacco, because the laminated porcelain surface is resistant to stains.

If you do not have bad habits, such as biting nails or pencils, the laminated porcelain will not fall off or move.

Taking care of porcelain is no different from taking care of your natural teeth. All you need to do is brush your teeth regularly and not interrupt routine checkups. Also, you should not do things with your lamellar porcelain, such as biting hard foods with your front teeth, which you should not do with your natural teeth. If you suffer from teeth grinding, it is recommended to use night plates.