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Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are the teeth that did not take their place on the jawbone and did not erupt even though the time came. The most commonly impacted teeth in the mouth are the third molars, namely the wisdom teeth. Teeth can stay impacted due to many factors such as genetic factors, jawbone narrowness, and obstruction of the eruption pathway by the neighboring teeth.
When deciding the treatment of impacted teeth, detailed clinical and radiographic evaluation is very important. This evaluation allows us to prevent the complications that may occur by determining treatment options, estimating procedure duration and the difficulty of extraction. Wisdom teeth that are impacted in the jawbone or underneath the gums in different positions and cannot erupt should be surgically removed when necessary.

After the patient is clinically evaluated and necessary intraoral and x-ray examinations are performed,

Teeth causing the infection picture at certain intervals we call pericoronitis,
Making oral hygiene difficult in the region,
Having cyst, lesion, or similar formation around them,
Damaging the adjacent teeth,
Causing difficulty when chewing and speaking need to be surgically extracted.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia painlessly and the patient can continue his/her daily life within a few days after the operation in line with the dentist’s recommendations.